"Higher love, Harmony and Desire" A Venus 221.23Hz A3 Astral Vibration Guided Meditation By Yeye & Justin Miller (20 mins.)

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Venus 221.23Hz A3 Higher love, Harmony and Desire

Venus rules our desire, that which we appreciate enough to give the focus of our attention. It is the planet that rules the law of attraction, and inspires us to align with the frequencies of that which we like. As such, it works as a mirror of our spiritual journey, since it is vibration invites us to attract, and we attract what we reflect. Venus activates our magnetism, when we align to that which we desire, which in wisdom what we desire is usually a reflection of who we are. The planet of beauty and balance, invites us to first find beauty and balance within, so we can create it without. Venus spends 28 days in every sign, an its cycle around the Zodiac lasts one year.

This meditation inspires meditators to embrace the art of observing the Universe, in the reflection of the Self. The exercise to observe breath & sensations, in resonance with Venus frequencies, has the intention to observe our selves in the reflection of our highest capacity to love and create harmony, in appreciation of a healthy alignment of our desire, with the understanding that insight and wisdom only happens within our own experiential truth.

A 20 minutes audio guided meditation by PlanetaryMood: Yeye & Justin Miller 
- 92.7 MB Zip folder with 2 Files, with sounds and music and without (voice only)
- Downloadable High-Quality MP3
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