Navy Blue Yoga Bolster - 20x8" Buckwheat Filled Cushion in Organic Cotton, Firm, Adjustable & Restorative

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✔ YOGA BOLSTERS HANDCRAFTED WITH LOVE & RESPECT - Our proud GOTS Certification holds our products supply chain to high socially responsible standards; It assures all materials, props and accessories used in manufacturing every floor pouf are Organic, Eco-Friendly & Sustainably sourced; Let our own mindfulness and values permeate through your practice

✔ DURABLE ORGANIC COVER & CARRYING STRAP - For stretching on the floor or to take it on-the-go with its 2 practical Handles, this rectangular bolster Supports 350+ lbs. body weight with tight double stitched Strong tensile threads; The bolster’s Soft cotton outer cover’s fabric is sturdy and Machine-Washable in cold water; the colors stay extra vibrant, looking good, zen and in great shape for years

✔ ADJUSTABLE TO YOUR TASTE - Our hulls are held in Another zippered lining; Open the wrap-around zipper of the outer cover and Adjust the Volume and Density of your filling quickly and effortlessly; Customize your cushion for a perfect fit with your preferred positions; Whether you prefer a good back stretch on your bolster on the floor, on a bench, a chair or kneeling prayer style. You can shape it exactly how you want it

✔ NOW FILLED WITH US BUCKWHEATS, NO BUGS, NO TOXIC PRODUCTS - Since 2017, hulls are carefully treated without harsh chemicals and re-inspected in-house for quality control; We use top quality USA Farmed hulls (unlike others filling with lumpy kapok or batting); Each load is high-flow dust filtered, the hulls are Bigger and Uncrushed for better airflow, Temperature control, Posture alignment and Spinal support; Local Farmers are grateful for your patronage

✔ SIZES FOR YOUR SHAPE, COLORS FOR YOUR TASTE - This Round Yoga Bolster is 20x8x8" but you can make a set, SeatOfYourSoul also offers Round Zafu of 15x15x5.5", Wide Crescents of 17x10.5x5”or Square Zafutons of 22x22x3”; Fit for small kids’ story time, tall teens watching TV, adults practicing Zazen, Vipassana or Transcendental there’s a size for you; float away in peace by fully experiencing the calm of untroubled meditation