Black Buckwheat Meditation Cushion - Crescent Shaped Zafu

  • $35.00

Brand: Seat Of Your Soul


  • SIZES: Crescent Cushions = 5" High x 17" Wide
  • LONG-LASTING SUPPORT: Stuffed with 100% Natural Buckwheat Hulls for sturdiness & durability. Molds to your "seat" for supreme, personalized comfort. Hand-made, 100% organic cotton cover unzips for quick washing!
  • ASSORTED SIZES, STYLES, COLORS: We have the perfect fit for you - no matter your size, shape, or flexibility! Check the scroll down Size menu for your perfect cushion. Our carrying handle makes our cushions very portable as well.
  • ENJOY DEEPER MEDITATION: Our Ergonomic Designs align your spine & eases strain on the sit bones & back. Hold your lotus poses for longer without pain interfering. Get optimal results from every session!
  • 100% LIFETIME WARRANTY & FREE GIFTS: Join our VIP Club and receive an Upgraded Lifetime Warranty! VIP Club Members also get a FREE Stress Busting Guided Meditation and FREE Mindfulness Ebook!

Publisher: Seat Of Your Soul

Details: Prepare Your Body For Complete Relaxation & A Zen State Of Mind! You practice yoga and meditation to relieve stress & maintain peace and balance in your life. But let's be real: sitting in the lotus position on a hard floor is ANYTHING but relaxing.Your back aches, your butt hurts-it's nearly impossible to "get in the zone." The Seat Of Your Soul Yoga & Meditation Cushion solves this problem at last, giving you a soft yet stable foundation that allows for complete comfort during meditation or seated yoga poses. Made of a premium organic cotton cover, premium organic cotton inner lining, and filled with all-natural Buckwheat Hulls - our pillow molds to fit your bottom. Its ergonomic design helps to align your spine while easing strain and pressure on your hips & legs. Rest assured, these cushions are made to go the distance and won't lose their shape like cheap imposters. Take it to the studio, beach or park-the handle makes it a cinch to carry anywhere! With the Seat Of Your Soul Yoga & Meditation Cushion, discomfort no longer stands in the way of achieving a balanced mind, body & spirit. You'll feel more relaxed, refreshed & reinvigorated after every session. Namaste! Crescent = 5" High x 17" Wide Zafu = 5.5" High x 15" Wide Eco-friendly Buckwheat Hulls Buckwheat Hull cushions are adjustable (you can remove some hulls as the cushions are stuffed firm!) Multiple sizes & styles for a more custom fit Zippered removable cover; machine washable Durable support-built for longevity Carrying handle for easy travel 100% Lifetime Warranty Qualifies for Amazon FREE SHIPPING VIP Club members get a FREE Stress Busting Guided Meditation AND a Meditation & Mindfulness For Beginners Ebook Click "Add to Cart" to buy now!