"Conscious learning through our boundaries" A Saturn 147.85Hz D3 Astro Guided Meditation By Yeye & Justin Miller (15 mins.)

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Saturn 147.85Hz D3: Conscious learning through our boundaries, Astro Meditation

Some say that Saturn is the most beautiful planet in the Solar System, even it is not the only one that has them, Saturn’s rings seem to be the most beautiful. It is the second biggest planet, after Jupiter. Saturn is related to the energy of healthy boundaries in the manifestation of our goals. It reflects the journey of hard work, persistence, sacrifice, and the pursuit of success. It influences authority, civilization, protocol and the law. It is a Karmic Teacher and the only way to transcend Saturn’s influence is through learning the lessons that come with it. Once we do, we become a better Self.

This meditation inspires meditators to embrace the art of observing the Universe, in the reflection of the Self. The exercise to observe breath & sensations, in resonance with Saturn frequencies, has the intention to awaken our Consciousness through the realization of our karmic lessons as we face our boundaries in the pursuit of success, with the understanding that insight only comes from experiential truth.

A 15 minutes audio guided meditation by PlanetaryMood: Yeye & Justin Miller 
- 70 MB Zip folder with 2 Files, with sounds and music and without (voice only)
- Downloadable High-Quality MP3
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